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Do you rent to sharers? Are you SURE you are compliant with the law?

More and more properties are being converted into houses in multiple occupation - as this is more luncrative for landlords and is also what many tenants want.

But this is a heavily regulated area and landlords need to be really careful to comply with all the rules

David Smith, a solicitor and recognised expert in this area, sets out all you need to know in this important and, for HMO landlords, essential online video course. 

Watch the video above where David Smith explains the issues.

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About the course

The course is a text and video course based on recordings of a workshop delivered by David in March 2019 where he discussed in depth all the main issues which HMO landlords need to know. These recordings were then divided into sections to make it easy for you to find any particular issue.

The course sections also include written text explaining and providing more informaion about the issues discussed by David in the video clips.

It is very easy to use. You can either go through all the sections one after another and watch all the videos, or you can just concentrate on specific issues. Note that the law is at 27 March 2019.

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About the trainer:

David Smith is a solicitor and partner of Anthony Gold solicitors - a Legal 500 firm with a highly respected housing department. 

David is also the director of Policy with the Residential Landlords Association.

He is a recognised expert in residential landlord and tenant law and is a published author on landlord and tenant law issues. He regularly speaks at events (including the Landlord Law Conference) and on the BBC on landlord and tenant and property matters.

David Smith

Here are some clips from the recordings:

What is an HMO?

David starts by looking at what an HMO actually is - as you can see from this clip, there are different types of HMO and so you need to know the context in which the 'HMO rules' are being discussed ...  

Council Tax

The course has a lot of content on council tax isssues. In this clip David starts to explain why council tax is different from HMOs and has different rules ...

Dealing with prosecutions

This clip is from the last section of the training day when David looks at the important issue of management of HMOs and what you can do to protect yourself from prosecution.  

The Course Content includes:

  • The definition of an HMO and the various tests, 
  • HMOs and planning permission,  
  • HMOs and council tax
  • What is licensable and what is not, 
  • Additional and selective licensing, 
  • Making the application, 
  • Licensing conditions 
  • HMO Management 
  • Dealing with Prosecutions

Who should get this course?

  • Landlords

If you rent to three or more sharers who are not family then, whether you like it or not, your property is an HMO. You are at risk of prosecution if you do not manage it properly.

  • Managing agents

Even if you don't manage HMOs, it is a good idea to know what HMO managment entails. If you DO manage HMOs, then this course is essential . 

  • Advisers  

An essential training course if you advise tenants or HMO landlords.

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More about the course:

Mobile Friendly

A mobile resonsive website

The course is part of our Landlord Law service, which is mobilie responsive.  

So you can watch the videos anywhere you can get an internet connection, and on your mobile device and smart phone as well as on your desktop computer or laptop.

What people attending David's HMO workshops have said:

"Confident presentor with the ability to deliver a complex subject area in understandable bite size pieces" Curtis John, Landlord

"very well organised and I have learned a lot. Many areas I was not sure about have been covered and all questions answered. " Anna Slotwinska, letting agent

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Money-Back Guarantee

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Q: Can I cancel if I find the course is not suitable for me? 

A: Yes, you can cancel and get a full refund provided you notify us within 30 days of purchase.  

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Q: Is there CPD? 

The course does not carry any CPD but note that Business Level Landlord Law members have access to our monthly CPD questionnaire.